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Credit Information

What is the difference between credit types?

Math Academy courses can be taken for two different USU master's degree credit types: Teacher Education and Leadership (TEAL) or Teacher Education and Professional Development (TEPD). Math Academy course content is the same for both credit types, but there are certain restrictions as outline below.

Teacher Education and
Leadership Credit (TEAL)
Teacher Education & Professional
Development Credit (TEPD)
Semester Based Option
Flexible Schedule Option
Can Apply to Master's Degree up to 6 credits
Free Admission*
Financial Aid Eligible*
Third Party Payment
Cost University Tuition Tables PDF $381 per credit
*In order to use financial aid for payment at Utah State University, students must formally apply for admission for degree-seeking status. This can take several weeks and includes an application fee. Only TEAL semester-based courses can be paid for with financial aid.