Cathe Runyan helps students with Math in Grouse Creek, UT
Cathe Runyon of Grouse Creek, Utah teaches common core math standards in a two-room school

The Deseret News recently featured the Mathematics Teachers Academy in a teachers professional development article. The reporter interviewed one of our very first students – Cathe Runyan from Grouse Creek, Utah. It's interesting to read how Cathe has been able to receive professional development despite living in a rural town hundreds of miles away from a university or major town.

Cathe Runyan said:

"I really liked the way it was structure-based on the Core Standards. If I’m looking at a place where my students have been weak, I can select a module in that area so I can get a better foundation to reinforce my own teaching. This online (program) gives me the options to not have to put in that travel time and to be able to do it from where I am. You can do it anywhere, and that’s really the benefit."

Read the full article on the Deseret News website.