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Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy

The Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy was created by the nationally ranked Emma Eccles Jones College of Education at Utah State University to offer high-quality courses aimed at improving knowledge of mathematical content and assessment for K-8 teachers. Within the Academy teachers can take personalized standards-based module courses or the six courses required for the Utah Elementary Mathematics Endorsement. Both types of courses can be taken for TEAL credit and used towards a Master's degree at Utah State University and/or points towards license renewal.

Standards-Based Module Courses: With over 100 learning topics, teachers can create their own customized set of courses that meet their personal teaching needs. Teachers simply enroll and then choose the in-depth standards-based topics that interest them. Courses are available 100% online allowing teachers to complete coursework when it is most convenient for them within a 16-week period.

Elementary Mathematics Endorsement Courses The six courses required by the Utah State Board of Education to apply for the Utah Elementary Mathematics Endorsement are available 100% online through the Academy. These six courses have been developed based on State Office recommendations and can be completed by teachers in any location. These courses are also often accepted by other states to meet similar requirements. Courses can be completed when it is most convenient for teachers within a 16-week period.

Meet the Expert Developers

The Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy was created by Utah State University professor, Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham. Recognized as a national leader in mathematics teaching development, Dr. Moyer-Packenham assembled a team of experts to develop the Math Academy's 100+ learning modules. Click on the images below to learn more about each developer.

Patricia Moyer-Packenham Headshot

Academy Founder

Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham
Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Headshot


Dr. Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood
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Dr. Katie Anderson-Pence
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Dr. Jessica Shumway
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Dr. Stephen Tucker
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Dr. Arla Westenskow