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Be a better Math Teacher

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100% Online Training & Courses for K-6 Teachers

Two Ways to Learn

Elementary Mathematics Endorsement Courses

Take the six endorsement courses required by the State Office of Education 100% online.

Standards-Based Courses

Choose from 100+ learning topics to create your very own customized course.

What Teachers are Saying

Cathe Runyan Teaching

Cathe Runyan

Cathe teaches at a very rural school in Western Utah. Thanks to the customizable standards-based courses, available through the Math Academy, Cathe has been able to improve her mathematics instruction.


Cathe Runyan
Grouse Creek School
Rob Christensen Teaching

Rob Christensen

Rob is a middle-school math teacher. He has found he is better able to teach his students because of the standards-based courses he has taken through the math academy.


Rob Christensen
Promontory School of Expeditionary Learning
Marci Murray Teaching

Marci Murray

As a first-time second grade teacher, Marci Murray found the courses available through the Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy to be a valuable resource for learning about the standards and how to more effectively teach mathematics.


Marci Murray
Mountainville Academy

Teachers have already experienced the powerful impact that the Math Academy has had in their classrooms. See how these three teachers have applied what they've learned to improve student learning in three different classroom environments.

Meet the Expert Developers

The Elementary Mathematics Teachers Academy was created by Utah State University professor, Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham. Recognized as a national leader in mathematics teaching development, Dr. Moyer-Packenham assembled a team of experts to develop the Math Academy's 100+ learning modules. Click on the images below to learn more about each developer.

Patricia Moyer-Packenham Headshot

Academy Founder

Dr. Patricia Moyer-Packenham
Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood Headshot


Dr. Jennifer Boyer-Thurgood
Katie Anderson-Pence Headshot


Dr. Katie Anderson-Pence
Jessica Shumway Headshot


Dr. Jessica Shumway
Stephen Tucker Headshot


Dr. Stephen Tucker
Arla Westenskow Headshot


Dr. Arla Westenskow